What are annuities?

An annuity is a customizable insurance contract that can be used to do many things. Annuities are most commonly known for providing pension style income for life or specific periods of time. An annuity provides tax deferral and protection of your starting principal. Annuities can also provide fixed interest rates.


these are the best and most popular annuity rates today

Term Company Rate Rating
3 Years SILAC 5.40% B+
4 Years Oxford Life Insurance Company 5.30% A
5 Years American National Insurance Company 5.55% A
6 Years Oxford Life Insurance Company 5.60% A
7 Years American National Insurance Company 5.55% A
8 Years Oxford Life Insurance Company 5.45% A
9 Years American National Insurance Company 5.45% A

The Benefits of An Annuity

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Lifetime Income

Annuities can provide income that will never run out even if your original investment does.

Tax Deferral

Fixed Annuities are tax-deferred, you will not have to pay taxes until you decide to withdrawal the money this means that your interest will compound on your full account value for as long as you keep the annuity in force.


Annuities can protect you from market volatility while still providing competitive returns.

A Better Alternative to Bonds and CDs

Bond rates and CD rates have been low for years while annuity rates have been trending up.

Annuities Avoid Probate

Annuities have named beneficiaries allowing you to pass on an asset directly to your chosen beneficiary.

Low Cost

Little to no fees

Annuity Products

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Annuities FAQ

common questions we get asked about annuities

Your money is backed by the financial strength of the insurance carrier. It’s important to make sure you’re partnering with a strong company. Additionally there are protections from the state guaranty association.


I’ve heard annuities lock your money up and that you have little access. It’s true that annuities have surrender periods. A surrender period is the length of time the insurance carrier can hold your asset. But, you get to choose the length of time. Surrender periods can be as short as 2 years and as long as 10. Additionally all annuities offer annual free withdrawals of up to 10% and provisions if the owner becomes terminally ill or is confined to a nursing facility. 


Some annuities have fees, and some don’t. Most annuities used for simple accumulation have no fees. If you are using an annuity for lifetime income it could carry a fee. If you have an annuity that you believe has too high of a fee or too many fees feel free to contact us for a free review. 


If you pass away while still in an annuity contract any early surrender charges will be waived and the total account value will be sent to your designated beneficiary(s).